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What is East Texas Litigation Consulting?

Our primary focus is providing support to attorneys, individuals, and corporations who require assistance accessing and using electronically stored information from a variety of sources. Taking the knowledge we have gained from years of experience in the field, we work hard to provide efficient support and the best service possible. We specialize in e-Discovery Consulting, Document Services, and Computer Forensics.



E-Discovery Consulting

Email, smart-phones, social media, text messaging, and cloud computing have all contributed to the diversification and expansion of electronically stored information. When needed, determining where all of this digital information has gone and where it has piled up is only the tip of the iceberg. Accessing, filtering, and presenting this information requires specialized skills and understanding. We have the tools, knowledge, and dedication to help you meet these new challenges, whether you are involved in complex civil litigation with millions of pages or a simple dispute with documents on a floppy disk.


Document Services

ETLC can process electronically stored information and paper documents for presentation and review in the industry-standard Concordance® review platform. We can Bates number and endorse your documents for production on labeled media, as a download via FTP, or as a simple PDF file attached to an email. Documents provided to you from another party can be loaded into their own secure databases which you can access remotely without having to install, buy, or rent proprietary software. The documents are text-searchable by your team and can be searched using Boolean connectors. Multiple users can access the same document and add notations at the same time. Changes are immediately reflected to other users. Experts can also be provided access to documents as needed. One set of documents, collaborative review and annotation, remote access – these are just a few of the ways we can help you stretch your discovery resources.


Computer Forensics

ETLC uses a number of tools to preserve and collect digital information. Once collected, data can be analysed including automated recovery or search for deleted files, manual data carving, password recovery, text recovery from smartphones, system and network analysis and forensic reporting. We are familiar with a wide variety of platforms and devices and hold certifications in computer forensics examination and computer hacking forensics investigation.